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Getting Started

Why study abroad?

A good starting point before you work towards studying abroad is establishing why you want to study abroad. This can help you determine your destination country and university choices. Your reason might be as simple as you want the adventure and you want to experience life in another country, or you have a deep interest in a particular country, or you have always wanted to attend a particular university, or your chosen university has an excellent programme for your area of study. Be clear on what’s motivating you and if that leads you to a particular country or choice of universities, let that be your guide.

No matter where you choose and why, make sure the programme you’re taking meets your requirements and will give you the choices you want once your studies are completed.

Consider getting help to make your decision. Student counsellors and agents who specialise in helping students study abroad can be a great resource. Chat with our Advisors. Get recommendations. Check references and Google reviews. Do your homework before you hire someone to help you.

If you want to study abroad and think you’ve got the grades and financial means, chat with our Advisors to find out how they can help make the process quicker and easier.

What should I plan to do in terms of internships, academic contests and research projects before going abroad?

With increasing competition in international university applications, particularly those of high ranking, an applicant’s overall education background and experience outside classrooms have become major indicators which admission officers are paying attention to. As a result, internships at recognized organizations, awards won in academic contests and research projects at renowned institutes are increasingly important, and are deemed as key differentiators of applicants whose GPA are close. Our advisors will help students to plan and choose the right programs to join, and gradually build up his/her advantages for future applications.

What are the major advantages of your company when helping me through the application process?

Global Study is a leading international education advisory service provider. Our global operations, extensive partner network, experienced advisors and cutting-edge technologies have guaranteed high quality end-to-end services for students to study abroad. From an early time in students' home country, our services begin with refined planning and in-depth research, all the way to help students get offers from his/her dream schools, and landing in the target countries where our post application services would continue to help students.

I just need a short-term course, can you help?

Our college and university partners offer many options for short term programs where you can earn a certificate. Please let your Global Study Advisor know what type of program you are looking for and they will help you find the right one for you.


​​When should I take IELTS/TOFEL/GMAT/GRE/SAT/AP, etc.?

There is a valid duration for all the exam results listed above. For example, the result of an IELTS test would be valid for two years. Therefore you must ensure you have a valid score of required tests when you apply for any undergraduate or postgraduate programs. Most universities in most common wealth countries would accept applications without a language test score, and would make conditional offers requiring students to submit the needed valid scores at a later stage.

What are the entry criteria for my target schools and programs?

The criteria vary from program to program, and school to school. Our experienced advisors would help clients to conduct in-depth research in target programs, and help students identify his or her personal interest, strengths and weaknesses. Through the research and interview process, we aim to help the students to find the best matches of programs and universities, and develop a good understanding of the gap between target programs and his/her present background.

What grades do I need to be eligible to attend a reasonably ranked school?

  • To study for a bachelor’s degree, recommended eligibility is a 3.0 or higher grade point average
  • To study for a Master’s degree, minimum grade point average is 3.0

I have got X years work experience, how would this benefit my applications and study abroad?

Work experience will be taken into account, and usually favorable to applications. In addition, applicants of this type usually have strong motivation in personal development and clear understanding of what he or she aims to learn and achieve from the target programs. With an equivalent education background to other competitors and additional work experience, an applicant would usually get a better chance to enter target programs in target universities.


What budget should I be preparing for my study in xxx major in US/UK/CA/AUS/HK, etc?

The budgets vary from program to program, and school to school, country to country. Our experienced advisors would help clients to prepare a table of target programs, and provide all details of planned expenses for study and life. Normally, one year study would cost 300,000 to 450,000 RMB in UK/AUS/CA/HK, and 400,000 to 700,000 RMB in the US.

If you have any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to Chat with us or email us at: