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The Value Of Studying Abroad

We firmly believe that a person's full potential is significantly advanced by giving them the chance to study in another country. It allows them to experience the world through a different lens. It brings cultures together. It maximizes a person's potential with better career opportunities, richer life experiences, unexpected friendships and a thirst for exploring. In short, we believe it makes the world a much better place.

The numbers

And there seems to be a real, growing hunger to study abroad, all over the world. In 2000, roughly 2 Million students were studying abroad. In 2019, the figure passed 5M. By 2025, that number is expected to clear 8M. Why? We believe it's because people hear about how the study abroad experience so enriches the lives of others and they can imagine it doing so for them too.

2 Million students

In 2000, roughly 2 Million students were studying abroad

5 Million students

In 2019, the figure passed 5 Million

8 Million students

By 2025, that number is expected to clear 8 Million

Status quo

Despite the large and fast growing demand, there seems a complete void of platforms designed to really help students with this very important and often highly confusing decision. A place where students can be closely guided by a human expert advisor, supported by a community of professionals and offered all the services they need to get set up in a new country, delivered all in one place.

When we launched into this industry, we were surprised to learn there was a complete lack of such support.

That's where we come in

Global Study is pioneering a highly innovative product strategy in the Study Abroad space, a decades-old, large and growing market that is highly fragmented and devoid of any true technological innovation. We see a massive opportunity to deliver an elegant solution supporting students in this pivotal moment in their lives by bringing all the support and services to them in one chat-centric place. We aim to answer all their needs, avoiding the hunting and gathering and confusion that makes the process so daunting for so many.

Who Is On Our Team

At Global Study, our team is everything. At the core of our business is people (supported beautifully by tech) helping other people. Our team has grown very fast in the past year, both organically and through the acquisition of 4 very special companies focusing on different things in the Study Abroad space. These include Study in the USA based in Seattle, USA, Top Offer in Chengdu, China. College Connection out of London, England and ProEd located in Dubai, UAE. Each fortifies and complements our existing teams of expert advisors, sales professionals, marketing specialists, technology superstars, finance aces and operations gurus.


Gregory Sukornyk
Cal Barton
President & COO
Paul Cowles
Jane Kwan
Director of Finance
Anna Lou Lagman
UX Researcher
John Demer
Director of Institutional Relations
Jamie Chun
UX Designer
Tyler Butts
M&A/Financing Analyst


Renait Stephens
CEO, Study in the USA & SVP, Global Study USA
Jane Stagg
Production Manager
Charles Varghese
Marketing Assistant
Christopher Truffa
Account Executive
Grace Sylvia
Digital Content Intern
Diane Gannon
HR/Operations Manager
Sandra Halladey
Senior Account Executive
Raymundo Morales
Inbound Marketing Specialist
Judd Bundy
Director of Software Development
Soleil Perrin
Digital Content Intern
Louann Rizor
Financial Consultant
Eloisa Nailon
Jr. Digital Inbound Marketing Specialist
Irene Stanfield
Graphic Designer
Samantha Mesman
Customer Service Representative
Wesley Costa
Director of International Communications
Sutton Long
Creative Director
Mildred Stephens
Marketing Manager
Katheryn Conley
Jr. Compliance Officer
Allan Leal
Web Designer & Marketing Specialist
Luke Hale
Customer Service Representative
Francesca Bizzarri-Black
Digital Content Intern
Brent Bartlett
Jr. Web Developer
Chelle Struve
Director of Brand Strategy
Samantha King
Personal Assistant
Lyndsay Burley
Customer Service Representative
Simon Hamlin
Director of Sales


Frank Zhang
Director of Advisory Services
Lulu Xu
New Media Specialist
Kenneth Feng
Product Manager
Jiao Hong
Marketing Manager
Georgia Hong
New Media Specialist
Frank Xin
Marketing Manager
Nicole Wang
Marketing Specialist

MEA & India

Abdullah Taleb
Business Development Counselor, KSA
Dorcas Atieno
HR Administrative Assistant
Neha Shariff
Business Development Manager
Aarja Singh
Lead Qualification Specialist

Our companies

While we are very proud of the amazing team we have built up internally at Global Study, we are constantly on the look out for top teams and companies worldwide. Here are acquisitions we have made since our launch in 2020. These companies boast excellent teams, excellent reputations and an excellent track record in Study Abroad.

Top Offer

Study in the USA

College Connection

College Connection


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